Fast Break: Churros


Churro French Toast Summer Special

Churros. Cinnamon. Chocolate. Donut. Street food. All the good things wrapped into one delicious experience. To many Americans churros means summer festivals and food trucks, a sweet treat in the middle of the day, complete with thick chocolate dipping sauce. …

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New Summer Specials


New Summer Menu Specials 2016

Summer has finally arrived and so have our seasonal specials. Come in and try our delicious Summer menu, from a refreshing cup of iced coffee to a savory Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla. Available for a limited time only!


Chocolate Banana

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Meet The Regular: Dale Larsen


Meet the Regular, Dale Larsen

If you visit the Sunny Street Café in Wildwood, MO you have a pretty good chance to meet Dale Larsen, a favorite regular. He comes in two or three times a week, and in the words of Kevin, the General

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Fast Break: Hamburgers


Hamburger History

What makes a burger a burger? Ham? Turkey? Tofu? Black beans? Rare? Medium? Well-done? We all have our favorite toppings, from bacon to portabella mushrooms to just loads of melted cheese. Some enjoy a burger on a pretzel bun, brioche,

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Fast Break: Omelette


Omelettes might be the most technically difficult thing to make for breakfast. Getting the goodies-to-eggs ratio just right so it doesn’t break when folded or simply become a really delicious plate of scrambled eggs is not something for the faint-hearted, …

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Fast Break: A Square Meal In Oatmeal


We all probably have memories of a particularly horrible bowl of slimy, grey oatmeal and have since refused to ever try that again. It’s bland, it’s boring, and it’s visually unappealing.

You can see why it’s easy to forget that …

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Meet The Server: Wendi Reed


Sunny Street Café in Westerville is full of character. Knick-knacks on the walls, cute little sayings on the chalkboard, and deep involvement with the community makes everyone who enters feel right at home. Wendi Minico has been helping build that …

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Best Bites Brunch- Thank You!


Best Bites Brunch Sunny Street Cafe

On Thursday April 14th Sunny Street Café participated in Best Bites Brunch Columbus, a fantastic evening event where Columbus residents got to try samples from numerous restaurants in town, all benefitting a great cause. Columbus Underground, the event host, …

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Fast Break: Spinach


In a salad, mixed in an omelette, rolled up in a wrap, spinach is everywhere- and for good reason. Part of the chenopod family, spinach’s brothers and sisters are beets, quinoa, and chard. That’s vegetable royalty, right there. Spinach …

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Grilled Cheese Reigns Supreme


National Grilled Cheese Day- the history of grilled cheese

Perfectly toasted bread, two different kinds of cheese melted together in a gooey, stringy, sandwich: that’s grilled cheese. Add a bowl of hot tomato soup and you have your childhood swimming before your eyes. There’s a good reason why today …

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