Sunny Street Café Franchise

The reality is… Sunny Street Café is growing, and we’re looking for both single and multi-unit developers. And there are some very specific reasons as to why our few opportunities are snatched up like the last few Hot Cakes. (See what we did there?)

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6 Reasons

Why looking into a Sunny Street Café franchise
will get your coffee goin’.

Good Food

It's a hot business

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Good Food

The Breakfast Franchise Category is the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry.

Classics you expect

attracts the Boomers & Seniors

Tasty Concoctions you don’t

attract the valuable Millennials and Gen Xers (who love experiences and eating out)

Family-Friendly Menu (Dino Pancakes)

attract maybe our most important audience, Family-Time Moms

It’s fresh, made-from-scratch food that makes you feel better. In a place that makes you feel comfortable.

And for our Franchisees, a very marketable product to multiple important audiences.


Big opportunity. Life flexibility.

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6:30a – 2:30p Hours

Allow for Big Opportunity while still giving you Life Flexibility

One-Shift Hiring

(6:30a – 2:30p hours make hiring very simple)

No Alcohol
No restaurant

or chef experience needed

Easy to manage

And implement menu

Top to bottom training program

from washing dishes to making the perfect over-easy egg to financial management


Low cost. High reward.

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We follow a very specific strategy that allows Startup to be excitingly affordable.

Lower-cost leasing

in neighborhood shopping centers vs expensive up-front real estate investments

Lower overhead operating costs
Single and multi-franchise opportunities available


No more working for "the man."

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You’re in control

No more working for “the man”.

Your opportunity

Without a ceiling.

Growing something

you can be proud of.

Grow something

that gives you and your family financial freedom.

Regionalize your menu.


Create your own promotions.


Be a part of encouraged franchise input.



We set you up right.

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Unmatched Training Program

on everything from food to hiring to financials.


by an already substantial Franchise Family.

A new Brand and Marketing Plan

that is making consumers say “Woah”.


You'll find it's a lot like family here.

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To our consumers, Sunny Street Café is a place that makes you feel comfortable. The brand and feel of our Café’s attract regulars, friends, Church groups, and neighbors. Sunny Street Café is a place that loves our families the max amount. And that cares about our local communities and makes sure we’re a real part of them.

Food that makes your day better. In a place that makes you feel comfortable.
If you're ready to take that next step, just leave your info here.

Our President, Scott Moffitt will reach out directly
to answer any questions you have.