Celebrating 15 Years at Sunny Street Westerville - Lisa, Wendi, & Brandi

We’re proud to announce that three employees are celebrating their 15 year work anniversaries at Sunny Street Westerville – Lisa, Wendi, & Brandi. These three women bring so much light and warmth to our local cafes. We’re honored to work with them! Get to know them below…

Get to know Lisa.

Lisa knows just about everyone in Westerville. She’s always fun to talk to and reminisce about good times. Lisa’s daughter, Savannah, serves at Sunny Street with her. It’s fun to see them work together. Lisa knows how to have a fun time and is such a pleasure to work with. We’re so grateful for her! Thank you Lisa for all your loyalty!

Get to know Wendi.

A true testament to how much our guests love Wendi is how many times she is requested or they only want to sit in her section. She has your hot coffee ready on the table before you even sit. She’s extremely hard working. Wendi has been such a big part of Sunny Street and keeps the team in line! We’re so thankful to have her. She truly is an asset to Sunny Street Westerville!

Get to know Brandi.

Brandi has excellent hospitality and gives genuine service. She’s very hard working and always willing to help out the team. Brandi is very good with numbers and knows how to keep a tight budget! Her other strong point is problem solving, she’ll figure out how to fix it! Brandi is always there to lend an ear and be there for you. We love you Brandi!