Sunny Street Café Unveils New Fancy Pancake Menu

From Strawberry Shortcake to Bananas Foster, the newest pancake offerings at Sunny Street Café are as inventive as they are delicious.

Sunny Street Café, a beloved destination for breakfast, brunch and lunch with 22 locations in the U.S., is thrilled to announce its latest seasonal delight with the launch of its new pancake menu.

“These are knock-your-socks-off flavors,” said Mike Stasko, president of Sunny Street Café. “We’ve had a large group of employees and customers take part in the testing group, and we put a lot of time into creating the best. These are pancakes that I would order for breakfast, and I’m not usually a pancake person, believe it or not. These are balanced, delicious and ‘wow’ flavors that you just can’t get elsewhere.”


These four new pancake creations include:

Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes

Elevating the classic dessert to new heights, Sunny Street’s Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes are a towering indulgence. Featuring macerated strawberries and a generous dollop of whipped cream, sprinkled with shortcake crumble, and drizzled with crème anglaise, these pancakes promise the tallest and most flavorful shortcake experience imaginable.

PBJ Time Pancakes

Dedicated to peanut butter aficionados, the PBJ Time Pancakes are a dream come true. Drizzled with peanut butter, layered with berry compote, and topped with a light peanut butter mousse, this dish is the official nod to the Peanut Butter Lovers Fan Club.

Bananas Foster Pancakes

For a taste of the South, the Bananas Foster Pancakes offer a decadent experience with a sticky brown sugar glaze, homemade vanilla cream, and candied walnuts, crafting a “bana-rama” of southern indulgence.

Chocolate Lava Pancakes

Chocoholics rejoice with the Chocolate Lava Pancakes, a volcanic eruption of flavor. These pancakes come loaded with whipped chocolate ganache, Oreo crumble, and a rich Dutch chocolate sauce, aptly nicknamed the “Super-Duper Chocolate Eruption.”


Since day one, Sunny Street Café has consistently been at the forefront of culinary creativity, known for its award-winning dishes, made-from-scratch menu and commitment to quality. These new additions are expected to become instant favorites among patrons, both old and new.

“Our pancakes have always been the stars of our menu, and that is unique in the breakfast space,” Stasko said. “When you’re doing a ‘wow’ dish, you can get a lot further if you’re willing to take the extra time and effort. It’s not easy to prepare things from scratch, but the product speaks for itself and creates those craveworthy items.”


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