Fast Break: Meatless Mondays


Meatless Monday, Vegetarian Options

Have you ever heard of Meatless Mondays? There’s Taco Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays, but Meatless Mondays (boy, we are fans of alliteration, aren’t we)? The typical American meal is vegetables, rice/potatoes, and meat. My dad swears a meal isn’t …

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Fast Break: Brûlée


Banana Chocolate Brulee Muffins

Brûlée: “a piece of burned-over woodland.” Not the definition you were expecting, is it? Crème brûlée, literally translated as “burnt cream,” is an egg custard with a burnt sugar crust. Typically found in French restaurants or

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Fast Break: Cucumbers


cucumber chill smoothie

Summer is a time for fresh fruits, vegetables, and crisp drinks. Gardens are in full swing and you’re surrounded by fresh tomatoes, zucchini, squash, herbs, broccoli, and potatoes. The vegetable that tops them all is cucumbers: crunchy, refreshing, and good

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Fast Break: Chipotle Peppers


Chipotle Peppers

There’s nothing better than a little bit of spice added to a dish- flavors seem to really pop and your taste buds are heightened, letting you experience the ingredients to their fullest potential. In the summer we tend to sidle

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Fast Break: Avocado


Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

There’s nothing quite like a fresh bowl of guacamole and tortilla chips on a hot summer day. Avocados are refreshing, filling, and luckily healthy for us, given our growing love for them. It takes a particular art form to know

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How To Brew The Perfect Iced Coffee


How To Brew Iced Coffee

Coffee has many origins stories, but most agree that the magical properties of the bean were first discovered on the Ethiopian plateau. Thus a glorious drink was born. Coffee has gone through many stages and countless drinks have been created

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Fast Break: Blueberries


Health Benefits of Blueberries

If you’ve ever been to the East Coast in August, you probably know the joys of picking blueberries and eating them right off the bush. Fresh, juicy, and refreshing, after the blueberry harvest they can be found in almost everything:

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Happy 4th of July!


Open 4th of July Independence Day

It’s time to celebrate our independence. It’s time for parades, barbeques, and good quality time with family and friends. Before all the festivities start, stop in for a hearty breakfast. We’ll be open our regular hours, 6:30am-2:30pm!

Go here to …

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Fast Break: Churros


Churro French Toast Summer Special

Churros. Cinnamon. Chocolate. Donut. Street food. All the good things wrapped into one delicious experience. To many Americans churros means summer festivals and food trucks, a sweet treat in the middle of the day, complete with thick chocolate dipping sauce. …

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New Summer Specials


New Summer Menu Specials 2016

Summer has finally arrived and so have our seasonal specials. Come in and try our delicious Summer menu, from a refreshing cup of iced coffee to a savory Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla. Available for a limited time only!


Chocolate Banana

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