Meet Mike Minniear


Mike Minniear, Director of Operations

We are happy to announce Mike Minniear as our new Director of Operations for our restaurants. Minniear brings over twenty five years to the Sunny Street team and will apply his extensive skills and experience to assist in Sunny Street’s

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National Pancake Week!


National Pancake Week

Pancakes. Big-as-the-plate buttermilk pancakes. They’re a blank slate for creativity, so we’ve decided to have some fun with them! Yes, that’s right, February 1-7th is National Pancake Week!


We feature a new specialty pancake each day, created by our

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Fast Break: Hash Browns


Hashbrowns, Recipe and History

Potatoes in any form are brilliant, but hash browns? That’s a whole other universe of awesome. I’m talking the very potatoe-y, crispy, golden-y, freshly cut hash browns that have that slight crunch to them that make them totally irresistible. You

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Meet The Chef: Evelyn Ambrocio


Interview with Evelyn, Chef at Sunny Street

There’s nothing better than looking back in the kitchen and seeing that Evelyn is making your breakfast. You know that it’s going to be brilliant. Sunny Street Café in Westerville has a very special, cozy, familiar feeling, and Evelyn’s mastery

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Fast Break: Bringing Home The Bacon


Bringing Home The Bacon

Waking up in the morning to the sweet sound of a sizzling cast iron and the smell of bacon wafting up is the most idyllic morning one could ask for. There’s something about how bacon smells that just makes you

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Meet The Manager: JJ Jokerst


Sunny Street Cafe Manager Interview

While interviewing JJ Jokerst, manager at the Sunny Street Cafe in Wentzville, MO, I started by asking how long she had lived in St. Louis. She’s called St. Louis her home since 1995 and is a huge fan of

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Meet The Manager: Kevin Brutto


Meet The Manager: Kevin, Behind the Scenes Interview

The first thing anyone will notice about Kevin Brutto is his ability to make those around him smile. Whatever he does, he does it well, and with enthusiasm. He’s been with Sunny Street for 6 months now, and loves it.

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Fast Break: Pico De Gallo


Pico De Gallo, CInco De Mayo

We as humans love our food, and develop emotional ties to special dishes. Certainly this is where some of the strangest names of famous delicacies come from. Toad in the hole? Bangers and mash? Puppy chow? Lady fingers? Stinking bishop …

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Fast Break: Benedict, You Traitor!


History of Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict is one of those classic breakfast meals that I know nothing about. I have just recently fallen in love with hollandaise sauce, and that got me curious- who thought of poaching eggs, throwing them on a muffin, …

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Fast Break: French (?) Toast


French Toast

Thick-sliced sourdough bread, dipped in milk and egg, cooked on a griddle, and topped with a healthy serving of butter and syrup. Now that’s a good breakfast. French Toast has been around since before humans can remember, but there’s a …

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