Meet the Manager: Kara Leuthold


Meet the Manaer: Kara Leuthold of Sawmill Rd, Ohio

There’s no denying: Kara is all about family. She has worked at the Sunny Street Café on Sawmill Rd for four years now, starting as an assistant manager and is now the general manager. As soon as I started interviewing

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Thank you for the donations to Stowe Mission!


Stowe Mission Charity Drive

This past holiday season we conducted a fundraiser for Stowe Mission. The mission, located on Parsons Avenue in Columbus, OH, has numerous services they offer to those in need including dental, visual, food pantry, mobile medical clinic, and a

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Fast Break: Chili


The History of Chili

When cold weather hits and you’re looking for a good ol’ bowl of something warm, you probably turn to chili. Hearty, packed full of veggies and protein: this stew is always a winner. Almost every family has their own secret

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Meet The Manager: Chris Bonner


Meet The Manager: Chris Bonner

Chris began at Sunny Street Café as the “Smoothie King,” worked his way up to the “Muffin Man,” and now is the new manager at the Café in Blacklick. He’s a real, true-and-tried people person, and that’s what he really

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Come see us at the Franchise Expo!


Come see us at the Franchise Expo!

Are you interested in opening your own Sunny Street Café? There are so many benefits to owning a Sunny Street Café: one shift staffing, multiple revenue streams, unique family-friendly menu, and more.

Come meet us in person and we’ll answer …

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Now Open In Carbondale, IL!


New Restaurant Open in Carbondale, IL

We’re happy to announce that our newest restaurant in Carbondale, IL is now open! Our 41 employees have been hard at work training and getting ready to serve you the best breakfast in town. The restaurant can seat up to …

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Fast Break: Yogurt


Health Benefits of Yogurt

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but my standard go-to breakfast is yogurt and granola. The oats give me energy and yogurt balances me. It tastes fresh and it’s just what I love. And, lucky me, it’s healthy!

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Meet the Manager: Bill Clinton


Meet the Manager: Interview with Bill Clinton

Yes, his name is Bill Clinton, but not the Bill Clinton you’re probably thinking of. Though he wasn’t President of the United States, he’s certainly president of the kitchen. Bill has been with Sunny Street Café for 5 ½ years,

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Fast Break: Biscuits and Gravy


History of Biscuits and gravy

When it comes to home-style cooking and breakfast, biscuits and gravy are almost always on the menu. A fresh biscuit, fluffy and warm straight from the oven, cut in half and covered in thick delicious sausage gravy. That’s all I

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Meet the Server: Steven Sowers


Meet the Server, Interview with Staff

If you want the best server experience ever, be sure to ask for Steven at Sunny Street Cafe in Blacklick. A proud born and bred native of Columbus, OH, Steven has more than 20 years of experience in the

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