Meet the Chef: Matt Stasko


Coming up with a menu for a dinner party is pretty stressful- you have to think about appetizers, main course, dessert, drinks. Will there be enough food? What about allergies? And that one super picky eater of the bunch? …

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Fast Break: Pimento Cheese


I love cheese. It’s one of my most charming traits, I’d like to think. Gouda, manchego, ricotta, aged cheddar…you name it, I probably love it. But the new Low Country Benedict and the Bacon Pimento Cheeseburger, two of our winter …

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Meet the Chef: Maribel Moreno


This week I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Maribel Moreno, Kitchen Manager at Sunny Street Café on Sawmill Road. Beloved for her tacos al pastor and the delicious traditional Mexican dishes she makes for her kitchen staff …

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New Menu Items: Reimagining Comfort Food


Comfort Classics- Winter Menu Last Chance


Winter is coming. Our winters might not be ages long like they are in Game of Thrones, but they are still the longest, dreariest months of the year. That is why comfort food was invented. We pride ourselves …

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Meet the Chef: Isidro Grande


If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or the service industry, you know that a breakfast or lunch rush can be like whirlwind, with you trying to keep up with it all. But back in the kitchen on Nationwide Boulevard …

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Fast Break: Grits


Grits. What a strange word for such a delicious, home-style breakfast. It came, some say, from the English word “grytt,” which means “course meal.” Sounds about right, no? But what are grits? We all know shrimp and grits, and …

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Fast Break: A Whey Better Boost


Whey protein has garnered the unfortunate reputation of only being used by mega bodybuilders, people who can bench press probably all of us stacked together. But this ultra-helpful additive to your smoothie isn’t just for the Gastons of the world …

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Fast Break: Fruity Heaven


We all know the food pyramid- it was geometry 101 for us when we were but wee little ones. Bread, rice, and grains make the foundation of an ideal diet, and one that has inspired fad diets: Atkins diet, low …

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#PumpkinPancakes Carving Contest


Play with your food! That’s right, we said it. Everyone carves pumpkins for the Halloween season, so why not pumpkin pancakes? It’s just as fun, and certainly way more delicious. For the third year in a row, Sunny Street …

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Holiday Parties: We’ve Got You Covered


It’s the end of October, and we all know what that means. Let the holiday mania begin! The last two months of the year are always a flurry of errands, parties, and to do lists that are as long as …

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