10 Years and Still Crackin’


10 years and still crackin

Way back in 2007 Sunny Street Café cracked its first egg in Dublin, OH. 10 years later we’re still cracking! And we want to celebrate!


From July 22st-31st we’re throwing a 10 Year Celebration, ten days of fun

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Thank You- We Collected Over 1,000 Diapers for Charity


Columbus Diaper Coalition fundraiser

When our newest restaurant opened up in Polaris, we kick started a fundraising campaign for the Columbus Diaper Coalition. The Columbus Diaper Coalition works to end diaper need in Franklin County by distributing diapers through 18 different Columbus area …

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Fast Break: Mousse


summer berry french toast blueberry mousse

Mousse. No, not the hair product. The food. Light, airy, and totally decadent, it roughly translates to “foam” in French, because of course something this delicious originated in France. Most people think it was invented in the 18th century after …

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Happy Father’s Day!


chicken fried steak sunny street cafe

Dads are pretty amazing. They changed your diapers, took you to school, cooked you meals, and helped you grow into the human you are today. It seems simply natural that we have a national holiday just to celebrate them.


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Fast Break: Carnitas


carnitas history

Carnitas (car-NEE-tas).

They are perfect for tacos, tamales, quesadillas, burritos…the list could go on and on! A traditional Mexican dish originating from Michoacan, carnitas has taken the rest of the world by storm. What’s not to love about perfectly tender …

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Columbus Diaper Coalition Fundraiser


columbus diaper coalition fundraiser

Did you know it could cost up to $100 a month to diaper just one baby? And that SNAP and WIC (food stamp programs) don’t cover that cost? That means that families in need are consistently struggling to diaper and …

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Introducing Our New Summer Menu!


Carnitas Flatbread Blog

We’re excited for Summer, so excited we’ve come up with our best Summer menu yet! There’s something for everyone, from sweet to savory to spicy. The menu features 2 new housemade sauces AND slow braised carnitas.

The blueberry mousse is …

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National Salsa Month


sunny street salsa

Summer is in the air, the flowers are blooming, and tastes are shifting from hearty comfort food to lighter fare. The key to refreshing dishes? Salsa. May is National Salsa Month so we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate all of

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Feliz Cinco De Mayo!


Pico De Gallo, CInco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo! It is not the celebration of Mexican Independence as some are lead to believe: that’s September 16th. No, Cinco De Mayo commemorates a a very important battle that is not even a part of the Mexican war …

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Kids Coloring Contest


Kids Easter Coloring Contest Sunny Street

It’s Spring time, and you know what that means! It’s time for us to decorate our walls with new art, and we need your help. From April 1st-April 15th we’re inviting kids to decorate Easter eggs. If a child colors …

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