Introducing Our New Summer Menu!

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We’re excited for Summer, so excited we’ve come up with our best Summer menu yet! There’s something for everyone, from sweet to savory to spicy. The menu features 2 new housemade sauces AND slow braised carnitas.

The blueberry mousse is totally amazing- light, sweet, fluffy, and drizzled over our new French Toast. Even if you don’t like sweet breakfast you’ll love this. Coupled with our homemade berry reduction it is a total berry explosion.

For a slight kick we made our guajillo hot sauce. Guajillos (gwah-HEE-yo) are dried chilis that are mild and slightly sweet. We steep them to make a hot suace that is a brilliant red and packed full of flavor. The sauce is drizzled on our Carnitas Flatbread and Sunny’s Skillet. Carnitas (car-NEE-tas), you say? Why yes. We slow braise pork for 3 1/2 painstsaking hours (because we just want to eat it!), pull it, and voila. Fork tender and totally mouth watering.

Can you tell we’re super excited about this menu?!? Because we are. Check out the full menu below or by following this link.

summer berry french toast

Summer Berry Toast

Homemade berry reduction and blueberry mousse drizzled over our thick sliced french toast, topped with strawberries and whipped cream. The housemade blueberry mousse really captures the freshness and tastes of Summer- light, sweet, and full of tart blueberry flavor.

sunnys skillet carnitas

Sunny’s Skillet

Hash browns piled high with braised pork carnitas, guajillo hot sauce, two house salsas and three cheeses. Served with an up egg and flash fried tortilla wedges.

ranchito chicken salad

Ranchito Chicken Salad

Ancho rubbed chicken, fresh greens, corn, tomato, black beans, cucumbers and queso fresco. Served with guajillo ranch dressing and flash fried tortilla wedges.

carnitas flatbread

Carnitas Flatbread

Braised pork carnitas, pico de gallo, Monterey Jack, and cheddar served open-faced on a warm flatbread. Finished with a drizzle of guajillo hot sauce and cilantro crema.