Fast Break: Pico De Gallo

Pico De Gallo, CInco De Mayo


We as humans love our food, and develop emotional ties to special dishes. Certainly this is where some of the strangest names of famous delicacies come from. Toad in the hole? Bangers and mash? Puppy chow? Lady fingers? Stinking bishop cheese? Chit’lins?


Pico de gallo (peak-oh day guy-oh) literally means “the roosters beak.” Um, what? Now, I speak fluent Spanish, and this has always been a mystery to me. Some think that it’s called “rooster’s beak” because originally people picked at the salsa with their fingers, which made their hands look like, well, a rooster’s beak.


 No, Eggs Benedict wasn’t named after Arnold: Benedict, You Traitor!



I’m not totally convinced of this interpretation, but I’m no expert. I’m sure this is one of those dishes that no one will ever know why it has such a weird name.


No matter the name, the perfect pico de gallo is fresh pico. Diced tomatoes and onions, chopped jalapeños to give it a little kick, and piles of cilantro make this fresh salad a perfect topping. Throw it on breakfast tacos, wrap it up with turkey, or put it on top of spicy black bean chorizo chili, wherever you put it with, it will add freshness and a little taste of summer in the middle of winter.

Anna Hetzel, Social Media Manager